Our Story

Limitless Adventure Gifts started out as a page that I featured some art on, in 2018. Since then, I have grown to love what I do more and more, every day. I remember hand beading jewelry as a little girl, but never thought it would turn into a store, until 2018. I started making quality bracelets which caught the eye of people when I was shopping or even as I was working. Thats when I decided to share some of my jewelry with my family and friends. When I had my daughter, I decided that I would no longer try to get my name out there, I almost gave up. When she turned two years old I realized that I can do both, be a mom and a business owner. I decided to follow my heart, build on my dreams, create a plan, and learn (a lot).

Limitless Adventure Gifts is my dream, becoming reality. This is something that I have the honour of sharing with you. Thank you.

-Owner Operator, Emily Bazell

 Limitless Adventure Gifts wants to offer you quality handmade items, gift bags, and other quality merchandise. We have ever evolving products and increasing stock, every week. Keep an eye out for new items, and never be afraid to reach out regarding custom items.


Thank you for your continued support as we continue to grow and learn.