Ew People, Forest green T-shirt

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Made of soft cotton, this T-shirt features a holographic graphic stating "Ew. People" with bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, walking through the trees in the background. The sizing on these shirts is unisex, meaning this shirt will work for both men and women.


Measurements of the person in the photos: Hips = 40 inches at widest point, Waist = 30 inches at smallest point, Chest = 36 inches at largest point. Wearing a size small


Sizing guide:

small: Chest 32-36 inches, Waist 28-32 inches, Hips 36-40 inches

medium: Chest 34-38 inches, Waist 30-34 inches, Hips 38-42 inches

large: Chest 38-42 inches, Waist 34-40 inches, Hips 42-44 inches

xl: Chest 40-44 inches, Waist 40-44 inches, Hips 44-46 inches


Our sizing guide is a generalization based on the size of the clothing. The comfort and fit of each item is dependent on each individuals body type. The wonderful thing about unisex clothing is it generally fits loose, and allows for more comfort on everyone.